Dawn Hershey, CSA

I came to Los Angeles in 1995 and started working at Nickelodeon Animation Studios. There, I worked my way up through the ranks from Receptionist to Casting Assistant, Casting Coordinator, Casting Supervisor, and finally Casting Director. I joined the Casting Society of America (CSA) in 1999 and have been a full time Casting Director ever since.


From Nickelodeon I moved on to in 2000 where I was hired as the Executive Director of Casting to cast and record over 50 animated shorts for the internet.


After the dotcom bubble burst, I jumped with 3 Icebox associates to co-found Blindlight in 2001 (A production services company for the videogame industry) and I oversaw all of the voice-over production there for 7 years. Casting voices for videogames allowed me to create, develop and hone amazing organizational systems for casting large quantities of characters in short amounts of time.


While holding down full time jobs at each of these companies, I continued to build my freelance career. I continue to cast new media projects, commercial VO’s, animated films, direct to videos, and animated television shows.